Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013 Most Expected Games

Here I present you my top3 of the most expected games for this year. I believe this videogames will have a great impact and will probably be the most played.

1-Grand Theft Auto V
2-Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (Phantom Pain?)
3-Tomb Raider

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Starting with the 3rd place. Tom Raider has lost a lot of its relevence in the last decade. The success it achieved in Playstation 1 stopped and it didn't have a big impact in Playstation 2. 
But Tomb Raider is now coming back to the console world to try to defeat Uncharted series. There are some gameplay videos and it really seems to be good and actually makes me remember of the mysterious atmosphere of Playstation 1's Tomb Raider games. So I'm looking forward to play it and compare it to Uncharted and be able to make a decent review.

The Enemy
In 2nd place is Metal Gear Solid. I think it could be in 1st place together with Rockstar's next "bomb" but someone has to be 2nd. Although I consider this to be as expected as GTA V. When MGS 4 came out I though the game would be a big fail but it was excellent. Konami didn't just improve the gameplay but also was able to add new parts to Snake's story without disappointing the fans. For this next MGS videogame I expect a great piece of story but above everything else a great improvement in the gameplay in what concerns to new gadgets, new ways of knocking enemies down and also more interactive scenarios. I expect nothing more than a 10 out of 10.
Quadbike in the Desert

Grand Theft Auto V is the real thing. Going to Los Santos (Los Angeles) after seeing what Rockstar did with Liberty City (New York) is just exciting. Even more exciting in the fact that you will have a completely interactive story using 3 playable characters and also the size of the map. And for me it'll be the best of this game. With a huge map you get to use a lot of vehicles you couldn't use in GTA IV like jets and commercial flight planes. Also it seems you'll be able to use parachutes and get attacked by it means jumping from a flaminh chopper into deep ocean is not a solution anymore. If I expect a 10 out of 10 from MGS GZ, from GTA V I expect the best game ever that will only be replaced by the new GTA for the next console generation.

That's all for now. Enjoy playing!!!    

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