Saturday, 5 January 2013

"Aftermath of the Lowdown"

Richie Sambora
Hello, everybody!!! New year deserves new reviews about new things. I don't have much to say about videogames now. I want to know more details about the games that are coming out this year so that I can make a decent comment. So I'm going to make a review of a music album. 
The new album - 2012
It's called "Aftermath of the Lowdown" and is the third studio solo album by Richie Sambora. Bon Jovi are going to release a new record and I was not excited at all about it because the band is slowly dying since the beggining of this century. But their guitarrist just rocks and this album proves it. In Bon Jovi's records you can't listen to decent guitar solos anymore but it seems it's not Richie's fault cause in this solo album there are some amazing guitar moments. For me this is the best album coming from Bon Jovi's universe in the last decade. I never really understood why John was the lead singer and now I'm even more confused cause "Aftermath of the Lowdown" is excellent and "The Circle" is a piece of crap what means John Bon Jovi can't sing at all. He may be a great musician, a great song creator and all that kind of shit - he built Bon Jovi's sound and style after all - but that's not enough. I hope in the next album Richie brings some of his ideas. Bon Jovi needs a new fresh sound to celebrate this new year and above everything else to give a reason for this next tour to happen, not just because they can but because there's music good enough to give it a lift off.

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