Monday, 3 December 2012

Aftermath DLC for Battlefield 3

Allright guys, today I'm going to make some comments about the most recent DLC for Battlefield 3. Its called "Aftermath" and it's suppose to bring you a whole new experience. It counts on 4 new maps in wrecked towns, 10 new assignements, new games modes and a fuckin' new weapon.
  • Starting with the maps, I think they're all very good because you really feel a little lost cause everything is destroyed and there are a lot of shortcuts to get to a specific place. They're dangerous and it takes a little to get used to them  but in the end you begin to like the new shit.
  • In what concerns to games modes I have to talk about scavenger. It's very fucked up to thrive in that kind of game mode because you spawn with a pistol and a knife and have to find weapons on the ground. It's not easy to get a good k-d ratio if you're not quick and accurate cause even if you find a gun you won't have a lot of ammo so it's better you get the kill at first shot.
  • Now comes the Hiroshima and Nagasaki of this DLC. Weapons...When you complete the assignments you get access to a new family of killing machines...crossbows. I think it's correct to add weapons to the game and make it a lot more compete but...WHY THE FUCK DID DICE CREATE A MONSTER?! Before you had M416 and now you have this new premium exclusive overpowered thing. I've found myself in a lot of trouble trying to kill players with crossbows. I've 1 kill with that shit-god-weapon cause it doesn't adapt to my gamestyle but for the ones who like it...OMG...a big party has just started. It's more efficiente than a sniper rifle or than a shotgun in close-quarters. The one with the explosive bolts works better than the RPG's!!! That's stupid and not true...some weeks ago we saw Israel and Palestinian throwing rockets against each other...they didn't shot planes and missiles with crossbow explosive bolts...That fuckin' crossbow is a fantasy and must be updated in the next patch...
Well, there are other things in this new DLC like new vehicles and some tags but I don't think they're very important so...I leave you with this...
Goodbye, take care

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