Saturday, 15 December 2012

Metal Gear Rising

I may start this by telling you that this game is a shit. I think that would be enough to resume the whole gaming experience but I'll go further. You play with Raiden, that homosexual secret agent with whom you've played in Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty. He's now a kind of samurai with a robotic body. Basically the producers are trying to take advantage of the name "Metal Gear" to sell copies of this crappy game.
While I was watching the gameplay I remembered a videogame I've played in PS2 times called Onimusha. MGR has got better graphics (cause it's PS3 -.-') and a moving camera but nothing more...If I had to choose I would prefer to waste my time Playing PS2's Onimusha than MGR.
Let's wait for MGS5 (The Phantom Pain) and for Hideo Kojima and Snake to be back. MGR is a crap. Don't buy...if you do give it back to the store and choose another game.

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