Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Walking Dead - Survival Instinct

Here comes an expected videogame for all "The Walking Dead" fans. As far as I was able to search this is going to be a very strategic FPS. It's not going to be a kind of Call of Duty but it's going to be a game in which you'll have to try not to shot. A bit like in the TV show...try not to get zombies attention and you'll be fine. However, not everything is just like the TV series. The only characters in common are Deryl and Merle. The rest are people who are equally desperate to escape from death.
The action happens during the time Rick is in a coma and you'll be able to decide who stays in your group and who should be killed or just left behing. You'll be the leader of the group and will be albe to plan strategic movemonts and assign certain missions to the other members of your group. You can use objects to distract the zombies or just shoot them silently with the crossbow.
Until now there's not a lot of information about this new game but I won't raise my expectation too high because it sounds like this is going to be one of that game that use the title to sell...I mean they parasite the original TV show. It can be excellent cause you'll have a brand new story you'll be able to build but the fact that almost all the characters aren't starred can diminish the interest of this videogame.
Waiting for more info...see you soon

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