Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tomb Raider - The Tombs of Tomb Raider

While watching a gameplay video of the new game of Tomb Raider series I was remembering another game series...Uncharted. That game has just rocked and Tomb Raider needs to be fantastic to make Playstation players buying it. Concerning to other consoles this game has no direct competition and will defenitely be a success.
The videos I've watch until now look really good. It make me want to play but still...they weren't enough to make me prefer TB to Uncharted. This last one is a fantastic Adventure Video Game with puzzles, shooting, a very good story line and a lot of jumping. Honestly, I don't feel like I'm buying Tomb Raider because I'll choose Uncharted: Fight for Fortune. But I'm curious cause I've played other games of this franchise...very very good games. Let's wait and hope this one honours the name Tomb Raider.

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