Monday, 10 December 2012

Battlefield 3 - FIX IT

Well, we're almost im the end of the year and I feel like a need to make some comments about BF3. I love the game and play a lot online but there are some things that shouldn't existe there.
  • The first thing is "Call od Dutiers". Players that realise CoD has become a real shit and start playing BF3 never learn how to play Battlefield correctly. Guys, BF3 is not a camping game!!! You're fuckin' the multiplayer quality all the time and that's not fair.
  • The second thing is related to lmg's. I understand it's not easy to control a weapon like that in real life and DICE wants to make the game experience as close as possible to military experience but when you've got someone in target and you shoot 20 times and only 2 or 3 bullets hit the son of a bitch...too bad. There was not a single patch which fixed this problem and I believe it's something the producers should think of.
  • Now let's talk about LAV's. I know they're, armoured and lethal. But a tank is more lethal I guess. And I've been killed by a LAV a few times while I was driving a tank. Even if I don't miss a single shot, the light armoured wins frequently because it reloads faster but let's be honest...if LAV's were more efficient than tanks no army would use tanks. SO FIX THIS SHIT!!!
  • Stupid...stupid revives is what I want to annihilate! When I'm using the Assault kit I only revive people who have the chance to help the team. I don't revive just to get 100 points because that's what noobs do...unfortunately not only noobs. I've seen a lot of high ranked players reviving just for their own benefit. People die, wak up and get killed, die, wake up and get killed, die, wake up and get killed...This is annoying and stupid. Please, Battlefield 3 community, let's STOP this.
  • The last thing I'm going to talk about are headshots that don't hit the target. I've been taken down a few times after shooting the other player's head. I don't know why but the bullets are like water and the other guy does not get hit. This is not very frequent but when it happens it's fucked as hell. So, please try to fix this up DICE.
And that's all for now. I'm going to record and upload my own gameplay of Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 soon. I will criticise the games and my way of playing.
See you soon.

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