Saturday, 8 December 2012

Far Cry 3

This game has been expected for a long time...and now it's out I've played it and enjoyed. It's a magnificent videogame with a giant scenario trying to represent New Guinea (you can see casswaries so I suppose it represents some place between Australia and New Guinea).
The story starts with 5 californian friends having fun but in the end they all get kidnapped by a band of criminals that randsoms their hostages. The playable chatacter, Jason, has got two brothers, one of which dies in the beginning of the story. You (Jason) are allowed to try to escape so that the bandits can have a little fun hunting you down. You're not able of killing someone but you end up stabbing a guy in the throat and after that you fall in a river. You wake up later and meet your first ally, Dennis. He will teach out to hunt, choose plants, shoot, etc. Final Objective: Save your brother Riley and the other two lads.
After this introduction it's Far Cry style...lots of missions, lots of difficulties, lots of strategies to succeed and lots of ways to deal with people and make new friends. But this time you've to hunt and do all that Bear Grylls stuff and I think it really enriches the game and make it different from the previous games of this saga.
I think you should buy this game because it's fuckin' amazing and will entertain you for a big amount of time...if you order from Amazon the price is $60...this is a game that is really worth it. Ubisoft ftw!!!

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